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Pile Up is a simple strategy puzzle game where you place randomly generated blocks of different sizes on top of each other. The higher you stack the blocks and the more of the screen you cover with blocks surface area the higher your final score.

How to Play:

To play the game you must use the mouse to position where you want the next block to be placed, then right click to place said block.


One player hosts the game which then shows up in the list of available games for others to join. There is currently no restriction on the number of players allowed in a single game.

In order for the game to work over the internet port number 28787 must be forwarded.

**Has may bugs and thus does not work in this build. Once this has been fixed an updated version of the game will be posted online.

Updates to Come:

- Try to remove the need for port forwarding

- Mac build for the game

Install instructions

For Linux

Download the PileUp.love file and run directly. (may have to download Love2d from www.love2d.org)

For Windows:

Download the .zip file. Once downloaded unzip the file and run the PileUp.exe file within the extracted folder.

** Mac version to come


PileUp For Linux 102 kB
PileUp For Windows 7 MB

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